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How We Work

Each booked session/programme automatically includes a range of key features. See Naturally Included items below. Clients also have the option of selecting useful extras from the Pick ‘n’ Mix list too (some cost extra and some don’t). It’s really easy to perfectly fit clients’ specific requirements to course/s:

Naturally included:
-Pronunciation Pro UK provides paper/digital/online support materials to students.
-Where possible, all errors are recorded in writing and/or recorded on an audio of the session. These are often accompanied by a brief verbal or written review of main focus areas for students to work on for next class.
-A starting assessment prior to the creation of a work programme (this assessment is free when a course is booked or £60 without a course booking)
-A work plan customised to the specific requirements of the group/s or individual
-Classes on Skype or in-person* (classes are normally 45-60 minutes unless otherwise required). Audio of these are recorded where possible for future review by participants.
-The number and frequency is agreed in advance.
-Participants are encouraged and reminded to maintain a personal study portal on Cambridge Dictonary Online.
-Structured feedback is received.
-Many clients also require industry-specific support materials and classes to cover unique terminology and situations. This can be requested (may incur extra fees).

The Pick ‘n’ Mix – choose from the following (some cost extra and some don’t):
-A number of 5-minute speech recording reviews following on from a programme of classes: These are tutor-directed regarding content and specific skill/speech feature goals and in accordance with participant progression. Each includes: assessment of errors, speech strengths and weaknesses regarding pronunciation/intonation/accent; a returned recording with verbal correction overlay; a PDF error review.
-Extra directed homework
-Regular progress assessments (frequency chosen by client)
-A concluding assessment with suggestions for future work or continuation of programme
-Elements for improving talking on the phone
Weekly Workout: A set of 5-10 most useful items to learn each week
-5-minute revision of key features of last class

Unless otherwise stated, also expect the following:
-Lots of key practice and a lot of error correction(!)
-All tutors are experienced, precise and friendly but love correcting errors!
-Lots of important language and/or skills tips
-Highlighting of common errors
-Opportunities for practise and performance occur straightaway.
-Little tips for impressing colleagues, clients, friends and families!

What: We offer six levels of accent reduction and pronunciation training. Each level takes 16 hours to complete. Clients undertake a starting assessment to discern their appropriate levels.
Who: A trainer with at least four years’ experience who knows in detail the challenges non-native speakers tend to experience in the professional world and how to overcome them. They want all their participants to succeed so they consistently challenge (with sensitivity!) and provide pushes of motivation when necessary.
Where: Normally at your premises; 1-1 classes and some group sessions can also take place very effectively online via Skype, Google Hangouts or a similar platform.

Overall approaches to teaching and learning: 
To ensure students acquire the new skills and adapted sound patterns more efficiently (with a view to them becoming automatic), we use a structured process of repetition, word/phrase/feature substitution practice and freer practice. Much of this practice can be based on students’ actual communication needs at work and socially. Participants can provide their trainers with real meeting/presentation areas to practise if they wish (in accordance with the constraints of company confidentiality).
-Consideration of the nature of participants’ mother tongue pronunciation/accent features is given at all times during training and, regarding several languages, we are able to provide extra home study reference materials.

Wanna see? Sample videos of sessions coming soon here!

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