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Pronunciation/Accent Training Services

1. The Pronunciation Pro UK Core Course
Our flagship programme, the Core Course trains staff improving their English accent by addressing all aspects of speech production.  Sessions are in accordance with an agreed customised working plan.
Who is it for? Individuals and groups
What is it? A block of 8, 16 or 24 sessions conducted in accordance with the agreed programme plan. Group sessions are normally 55 minutes and 1-1 sessions 45 minutes although this can be negotiated.
How does it work? Depending on Pick ‘n’ Mix selections made on
booking, each class tends to begin with a 5-minute revision of key working areas highlighted in the previous session. The main practise and understanding stage then takes place in order to achieve the objectives of the session (Approaches). Lastly, we establish the focus items Weekly Workout.
Note: All classes are recorded where possible for personal reference and revision by the participants. Errors are also continuously corrected and recorded where possible for further study.
See How We Work for further programme details and the famous ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ course options!

2. The Phone Pro:
Often one of the biggest challenges our clients experience is understanding and being understood on the phone. In our se

ssions, we focus on the specific pronunciation and accent features which can affect comprehension and techniques for effective, lower-stress communication for non-native English speakers over audio devices.

See How We Work for further programme details and the famous ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ course options!

3. Pure Work and Error Correction
Participants freely discuss a topic/issue/controversial subject (work/industry-related if desired). They receive extremely high levels of pronunciation/accent error correction and support in expressing ideas and opinions appropriately and fluently.

See How We Work for further programme details and the famous ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ course options!

4. Pronunciation/accent first aid clinic for staff
Participants receive first aid pronunciation/accent assistance for important one-off tasks at work, for example a key presentation, a critical meeting or a high-pressure negotiation. We work for one to five sessions (depending on urgency) and solely focus on mastering the correct pronunciation, intonation and emotional emphasis required to succeed at the task. You provide the content and we provide the speech training.

See How We Work for further programme details and the famous ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ course options!

5. Specialist and Industry
We also offer pronunciation and accent reduction training in the following specialist English areas:
-Aerospace Industry (service personnel and engineers)
-Civil service
-Diplomatic service
-Exam Preparation: IELTS/Cambridge English/Trinity/TOEFL
-English Teaching
-Hospitality and Food Service Industry
-International Legal English for Lawyers and Paralegals
-Marketing, PR & Events Management
-Medical and Healthcare
-Military Personnel
-International Organizations
-Pronunciation & Accent Reduction
-Tourism English
-English for the Working Environment

See How We Work for further programme details and the famous ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ course options!

6. Accent & Pronunciation Transformation Sessions
Lunchtime/early morning drop-in seminars (in-company) for staff from overseas: We reveal the secrets behind attaining the elusive natural accent for non-native English speakers. Participants will be able to start overcoming their own English pronunciation/accent frustrations in just an hour or two at a time convenient to them. See the full information in Accent & Pronunciation Transformation Sessions.

Self access online course (coming soon!)

Wanna see? Sample videos of sessions coming soon here:
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