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Testimonials, Reviews and Fans!

Here are a few (anonymous) responses to feedback surveys completed after our Pronunciation & Accent Transformation Workshops (Group presentation + 1-1s).

100% of respondents stated they would implement techniques which were presented.

Santander, Twinings; PwC, Cognifide; Crowe  (Poznań, Poland)
PwC; BNY Mellon; Credit Suisse (Wrocław, Poland)

“I found the session incredibly helpful and inspiring. Such a shame we cannot have those more often.” 
“Really interesting!”
“Great workshops for people using english on a daily basis, it helps us to improve our pronunciation and correct language habits.”
“Very useful workshop, interesting and clearly explained.”
“Fantastic workshop, very much needed at business environment. Thank you.”
“Great teacher!”
“Well presented. Very interesting material to start working on pronunciation.”
“Great Experience.”
“Wonderful experience.”
“Only 15 minutes of 1-1 session helped me more than I thought!”
“The seminar inspired me to work more on my accent”
“Passion for accent and pronunciation was positively contagious!”
“It was great! Now I know how woefully bad my accent and pronunciation are and I have the right knowledge how to improve them!”
“I believe we are able to improve our accents :)”
“Thank you very much for your help!”
‘The session was very interesting, very informative and extremely expressive which I loved. I would hope such sessions could be conducted on more regular basis.’
“The 1-1 session in a clearly way showcase the how simple tricks can help out with pronunciation.”
“The course is a great opportunity to get to know what should be done to improve pronunciation. I recommend to anyone who has some problems with that.”
“Teaching with passion!”
“Let’s walk to work together!”
“Great workshop. Definitely recommended.”
“Very interesting lesson with one example that can be used in a few ways.”
“The presentation was extremely positive and encouraging! :)”
“Presentation was brilliant!”
“It’s always great to listen to someone who’s speaking so precise. The techniques presented were a full surprise to me – never heard about these! Thanks.”
“Nice and friendly atmosphere!”
“Don’t be shy step out of your comfort zone and try!!!!”
“Good session, presented in a very original way (good performance!).” “We could learn a lot where to start … Thank you!”
“Cool and useful.”

And some other comments …
Brilliant advice! Thank you!
… it blew my mind!

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