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Work with us

Pronunciation Pro UK is continually on the look out for knowledgeable language specialists with at least four years’ experience and a degree or higher in linguistics or equivalent. They must be comfortable and confident in the language learning classroom and able to extend our already exceptional service to clients at all times.

All roles: 

We train you on the Cambridge1English Real English and Pronunciation Pro UK systems. In turn, we expect the core values, actions, objectives and class sections of our systems to be reflected in every class, course and seminar given. As experienced, aware and clever teachers, of course, however, you still have plenty of flexibility to do your teaching in the ways you and your students work best within our brand structure. We also provide Cambridge1English Real English materials. So, can you provide sessions in one or more of the following situations?:

-Online teaching (from Cambridge, England)
-Online (from somewhere in the UK)
-In-person teaching (based in Cambridge, England)
-In-person teaching (based in the UK)

Online teaching roles only:

Online teaching is a specialisation in itself which requires particular skills, particular equipment and a perfectionist approach. You will need to demonstrate you own a newish high-spec computer and exceptional Internet at all times. You’ll also need a quiet, light home office. These will be checked.

Apart from the general tutor requirements listed previously, you’ll also need to be:
-a decent typist who can listen and speak at the same time(!)
-proficient in using VoIP e.g. Skype

Please apply:

If you meet or exceed our requirements for any of the roles listed, please contact us with a short cover letter. We with then respond with further application details. Many thanks!




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